Antoine Bizet
  • Name: Antoine Bizet
  • Nickname(s): Bizet; Parisien; Tonio, Gat
  • Hometown: Versailles, France
  • Top three racing career highlights:
  • 2nd place at Rampage 2012 & Rampage 2016;
  • First ever MTB double flip No Hander at Leogang 26 trix 2014;
  • First ever Opposite Cashroll at Crankworx Les Gets 2016.


Started riding bikes in the gardens of the palace of Versailles in France. He was hyperactive and riding as fast as he could four hours. He ended up jumping some bumps in the trails and over time going bigger and bigger. Before riding he was a Gymnast and a fan of new world disorder movies, so the mix of all of this and the fact that he loved digging jumps lead to becoming a professional freeride mountain biker.

Finish the sentence

“I ride bikes…” all the time and even when I’m not on a bike I think about biking and the next time I’m going to ride and the last time I rode and some future crazy projects. I think about how I can ride things, I imagine big water jumps or canyon gaps, then I also think about going riding in the deep high mountain forests of pine trees with perfect dirt and smashing corners all day. I also think about Utah terrain a lot and how we can go crazy on these steep and exposed lines, then I go to the bar by bike with my fixie (that isn’t really a fixie but the main point is I don’t need a drivers licence to use it), drink a few beers at the bar with my friends, make some road trip plans and think about all the awesome places my bike has taken me and all the people and animals I met during my travels.

Favorite riding location: 

Virgin Utah with a Chairlift!

What food is your biggest weakness?

I like all kind of food except olives.

Best advice ever received?

“You deserved first place for sure in my opinion!”

Social info:

  • Facebook: @Antoine Bizet
  • Instagram: @Antoinebizet
  • Twitter: @antoinebizet
  • Youtube: @Antoinebizet